Geotest - Registration

GeoTest is limited after first installation

After the first installation of the program, it will run in the limited modus. “Limited” means, that the maximum number of electrodes which can be processes is limited to 20. All other program features (pseudo sections, profiling mode, mapping mode, data measuring, data saving and exporting, ...) are possible. Due to this limited modus, a free copy and distribution of the program is prevented.

Geotest has to be registrated and un-locked

To use all features of the program, it is necessary to registrate and un-lock the program after installation.

Geotest is not freeware

After paying the software fee, the user gets a registration key from us. This registration key is valid for the computer, where Geotest is installed. After installing the registration key, the software Geotest will be un-locked. The user may install the software on as many computers as he wants, he will get as many keys as he needs without additional charge. If there is an update available on our website, the user may download and install this update without the need for a new key.

Registration procedure

Step 1: Run GeoTest

Step 2: Open the menu "Extra" -> "Registration"

Step 3: Locate the "Computer ID". This is your computer fingerprint. You should send this number to me (preferably by eMail)

.We will calulate the "Key" and create the "User name" and we will sent these to the user.

Step 4: The user must type in the "Key" and the "User name" (or copy-paste). After pressing the "OK" button the key will be saved in the INI file (if the key matches the computer ID). There is no need to type in again the key after a later starting of the program. Nevertheless, We recommend the user to save this key in a written form for future use. You may need it e.g. after re-formatting of your disk.

If you need another key for another computer, please ask us. You will get as many as you need without additional charging.

Option: USB dongle as a hardware key

Optionally, you can use a hardware lock (an USB dongle) to un-lock the GeoTest program. If you are interested in this hardware key, please ask us.

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