Geotest - installation

How to install GeoTest for the first time:

The user should install the program following this procedure

  • download the latest GeoTest_Setup or use the delivered CD-ROM
  • run the GeoTest_Setup and install the program and all its components.
    We recommend to use the default settings:
    program folder = <ProgramFilesDir>\GeoTest
    manual folder = <ProgramFilesDir>\GeoTest\Manual
  • It is necessary to registrate the program after installation
    to use the optional USB hardware dongle
  • Registration is done only for users who buyed a legal version of Geotest.
    If you do not register the program, it will run in a limited version as a demo.

How to update a new version:

You are a registrated user of GeoTest and you want to install the latest version of the program? You may update either (1) using the Geotest_setup downloaded from here or (2) by copying one or two Geotest files provided by e.g. eMail.

  • (1) Update using the Geotest_setup: download the latest GeoTest_Setup. Run the GeoTest_Setup and install the program and all its components.
  • (2) Update by copying files: copy the provided files into the Geotest program folder. You should have administrator rights to be allowed. Overwright the existing files.
  • It is not necessary to de-install the former GeoTest version.
  • There is no need to registrate the program again.
  • Your last program settings remain.


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