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3.00 ~ 19 May 2021

  • FRG settings will be saved in the TX0 data file
  • New possibility for cropping data using profile position or pseudodepth.
    May be applied even on blank (not yet measured data)

    Applying this option may produce “rectangle” like pseudosections:  

3.00 ~ 3 May 2021

  • New measurement configuration FRG
    = Full Range Gradient Array, according to Zhou et al (2020)
  • Improvements in monitoring
    - Monitoring using template files:
      up to 3 template files can be used, resulting in up to 3 independent time series
    - New export options:
      ResistivityImager2D, AgiEarthImagager, Zond, CSV
  • Reciprocity quantified and displayed in a pseudo section
  • Improvement in hardware re-addressing ActEle electrodes:
    - improved protection against operating errors
    - special expert mode for manufacturer settings
  • Improved handling for low battery conditions
    - low battery condition is checked and handled
    - output power will be reduced in low battery mode
    - new low voltage limits:
      internal battery = 4.7 V, external battery = 11.0 V
  • Roll-on works now with previously locked electrodes
  • Data reduction using pseudo-depth interval works now perfect
  • Editing data files:
    original file header section will remain for further analysis
  • Bug repaired in saving Res2DInv pole-pole data
  • Cable check procedure optimized
  • Some minor improvements
  • Updated manual


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This complete installation package contains the program files, driver files, PFD manuals (english and german manual) and example data. This works as a full (un-locked) version for registered users and a demo version for not registered users.

Remark: This installation requires a Windows operating system e.g. Win 10. If you need to install GeoTest on an older system (e.g. Win 98 would be possible), please contact me for an adapted installation file.

GeoTest: English manual

GeoTest: Deutsches Handbuch


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